Can I create several challengues with different rankings in one CTF dinstance?

Hi everybody,

I’m just setting up CTFd, and I would like my server to host several challenges opened in different periods of time, so I can get a ranking for each challenge and then an overall ranking for all challenges.

The point is that I need to have a competition opened, for instance, just one day, and have a ranking for this challenge. But I would also like to have the oportunity to host a second competition ie two weeks later, and also have a ranking for this competition and an overall ranking considering both competitions.

Does anyone know if is that possible?

I hope I explained my question clearly :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Hi there, I’m not sure I understand your question but couldn’t you hide and show the challenges that you want to use for each event?

CTFd doesn’t yet support multiple scoreboards so you would only have a single scoreboard but you can have challenges that only show up for periods of time.

Thanks @ColdHeat! You found the words I was looking for :slight_smile: What I need were multiple scoreboards.

Thanks again for your response.