CTFd Plugin Development - Alerts

Is there a proper way for a plugin to push notifications to the admins of the CTFd?
This is for notifications that are generated and shown on a single page, and are not broadcasted to the entire ctf. ie. They do not use the notifications api endpoint.

In previous versions of the CTFd, a plugin could use the ezq library.

    type: 'error'
    body: "Message here"

This library appears to still exist, but does not appear to be included anymore.
With the recent advancements of the notifications for the CTFd, it would seem that this functionality exists, but has been moved.

Is there a proper way for a plugin to make an alert/notification?

ezq is a strictly front-end lib. It’s included but not exposed to plugin developers directly. You would need to make some JS modifications to take advantage of ezq. This sounds like an area of improvement so it might make sense to expose a new attribute on the CTFd.js object. For example, something like CTFd.ui.ezq.ezBadge. I can tackle this on the next minor release or if you’re willing to PR it that would be cool too.

Secondly for notifications, they are currently broadcast to all intentionally with Server Sent Events. There are plans to make some notifications specific for each user but it hasn’t been worked on yet. If you want to send notifications specifically to admins I would create it in a plugin.

A follow up for anyone working on this:
With the 2.3.0 release, the ezq library can be access via the CTFd.ui.ezq object.

  type: "success",
  body: "Thank you!"