CTFd Plugin Development - CTFd object

The Documentation for plugin developers doesn’t touch much on the JS features that are available since the 2.2 update.
In the JavaScript, The CTFd.plugins object appears to be setup for adding a plugin’s JS functions to. Is this the intended use for this object?

Yeah unfortunately the docs for the JS are lacking since the priority was to get the rewrite done. It was taking too long and the docs fell to the wayside because very few people do themes that need more than CSS changes.

CTFd.plugin.run is used to run additional code when the CTFd object is ready. This is because you can’t easily jump into the webpack context from the global context. To get an idea trace around the plugin code for the challenges: https://github.com/CTFd/CTFd/blob/b8d0f80d0124ce74dec704eb3be8fed6db821357/CTFd/plugins/challenges/assets/create.js#L1