Deploying CTFd using OpenShift / Kubernetes

Does anyone have experience of deploying CTFd using OpenShift (or Kubernetes)? I’m looking to do this on our system and am struggling to get off the ground.

I found this config file on github:

But it’s two years old and both OpenShift and CTFd have moved on a lot since then! It’s hard coded to use version 1.2.0 of CTFd. I tweaked the code to update this, and got it almost working, but something not quite right.

Any help / advice / pointers / config files gratefully received :slight_smile:

I have very little familiarity with Openshift and Kubernetes unfortunately but ultimately CTFd is deployable as a Docker container which should be supported by both.

If there’s a guide for either to deploy a Docker container you should follow that. Keep in mind that CTFd uses a database server, caching server, and object storage server to maintain state.

Has anyone (@nigelh?) got this working in OpenShift?