Hello, I am rewriting ctfcli and I was wondering if anyone wanted to assist with a few minor tasks

Hai! I am rewriting ctfcli for a project for my community where we can host smallish network games and ctf style training. sort of an all in one setup with a repository manager centered around the ctfd platform and docker/kubernetes. Intended to be repeatedly be redeployed . You just the single “start.sh” and run

./start.sh --menu

And it shows you options you should read very closely lmao

its going to have all the data packed as base64 in the start.sh and can be flagged


to save (append or overwrite), or


to deploy the last saved configuration

The part I need help with is the sphinx documentation for the ctfcli rewrite through. it’s going to be a critical part of the system as it will manage the ctf challenges and eventually, the kubernetes/docker/docker-compose

When the project is complete, I want to use it sorta to gain members in our community who want to learn network administration and hacking and they can learn to host thier own networks themselves and that means DOCUMENTATION!

Unfortunately, I think I need help cause I am busy writing the project and sphinx is confusing enough I think I need someone to help. I am writing lots of docstrings, in fact, I think over half the project is documentation and I can use some editing of that also, I change it where necessary but I tend to wander around, up and down the flow morphing code as I go to fit the image in my head.

More than anything this is supposed to be a tutorial for how to do all this, I myself am learning as I go. I might be a moderator in my little community but I am taking advice and direction from professionals in the field of cybersecurity and in general, am just sorta smart, but not at all familiar with any of this beyond being good at computers lmao.

Thank you for reading! Sorry it was sorta rambly… too much coffee
SORRY forgot the github repo lmao

github com mister-hai sandboxy

The relevant files are in


the docs are in the top level, the tool is in ctfcli/