OVPN keys for players


I’m setting up a CTF and having some problems figuring out how to set up one part of it.
The people who will play it will get their own vpn config file. But to generate one, you need to run a bash script and specify one argument which will be the name of it. Basically, I followed this Install and Configure an OpenVPN on Debian 9 In 5 Minutes when setting it up, so I got a bash script on the Linux system which hosts CTFd that generate the keys. To generate new vpn keys, I just run ./newprofile.sh lee on the Linux system that is running CTFd, and then it generates a new file called lee.vpn.

So that’s why I wanted to fix so that there is some page in CTFd that just runs this file and then a user can download the vpn file directly. But I haven’t found any great plugin for this yet and don’t think I will have time to write my own to do it before the CTF. What are your thoughts? What would you do? Any easy workaround?

This seems like it’s best suited for a plugin. It should be very simple to write since you already have a command to run. It would just need a few commands from the os module if i’m not mistaken.