Windows use webpack build error

1.This error,Due to escape issues

change the "webpack.config.js"like this

      //mode == 'development' ? 'echo Skipping JS stub generation' : 'python -c \'exec(\"\"\"import glob\nimport os\n\nstatic_js_dirs = [\n    "CTFd/themes/core/static/js/**/*.dev.js",\n    "CTFd/themes/admin/static/js/**/*.dev.js",\n]\n\nfor js_dir in static_js_dirs:\n    for path in glob.glob(js_dir, recursive=True):\n        if path.endswith(".dev.js"):\n            path = path.replace(".dev.js", ".min.js")\n            if os.path.isfile(path) is False:\n                open(path, "a").close()\n\"\"\")\''
      mode == 'development' ? 'echo Skipping JS stub generation' : 'python -c \'exec(\"\"\"\\nimport glob\\nimport os\\n\\nstatic_js_dirs = [\\n    "CTFd/themes/core/static/js/**/*.dev.js",\\n    "CTFd/themes/admin/static/js/**/*.dev.js",]\\nfor js_dir in static_js_dirs:\\n    for path in glob.glob(js_dir, recursive=True):        \\n        if path.endswith(".dev.js"):\\n            pass              \\n        if os.path.isfile(path) is False:                \\n            pass    \\n\"\"\")\''